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Annette Walsh came into casting through a series of fortunate events. Having worked in administration, she was asked to become the administrator of A.K.T.S. (Adele King Theatre School) in 2002. Before she knew it, she was involved in the casting side of the business and found she had a love and talent for it.

Her passion grew with successes like Blackwater Lightship and Becoming Jane (feature films), the BBC’s The Baker St. Irregulars and various TV ads in both Northern Ireland and the Republic. Annette went on to work and study with directors Cav. Vivian Coates (Lyric Opera) and Tony Finnegan (Festival Productions). These experiences gave her an excellent opportunity to learn more about casting. She followed up her interest, taking a casting and director's course in 2011.

In February 2013, Annette decided to go it alone and on the 17th of February CASTANNETTENOW was launched. It began with an idea fuelled by enthusiasm and passion and sustained by goodwill and emerging talent. 

CASTANNETTENOW is an Irish casting agency, based in Dublin, that is new and strives to be different. We want to be recognised for diligence, and believe in quality over quantity. We take a fresh approach, favouring a hands-on style that promises to be original and innovative. It’s a casting agency Annette promises you won’t get lost in.