Alan O'Neill

Height: 6’1”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Playing age: 40-50



Selected Theatre Experience: 

The Field, The Picture of Dorian Grey, A Streetcar Named Desire, Antigone, Hamlet, King Lear, The Importance of Being Ernest.

Selected Film Experience: 

Urge, Moore Street Masala, 32A, Stranger’s in The Night, Agnes Brown

Selected TV Experience:

Sons of Anarchy, Tim & Eric Bedtime Stories, Undercovers, George Gently, Fair City, Keen Eddie

Accents: Various Irish, British - RP, Birmingham, Cockney, Geordie, Scouse/Liverpool, Yorkshire, Scottish, Welsh, New England, New York, Southern American, Canadian and Australian



  • Combat: Stage, Firearms, Shooting - Revolver/Automatic, Rifle
  • Equestrian:  Jockey, General, Western, Racing, Reining, Rodeo, Show Jumping
  • Swimming: Backstroke, Breast Stroke, Diving, Water Skiing, Snorkelling,
  • Cycling: Mountain Biking, Motorcycle Riding,
  • Fencing, Fishing, Fly Fishing, Golf, Mountain Climbing, Snow Skiing - General and Cross Country, Snowmobiling, Soccer, Squash,Tennis, Volleyball, Bartender - Vegas Style Flair, Improvisation, Licensed Driver, Voiceovers


Alan has many years of acting experience under his belt, and has enjoyed every moment of it. He moved to in L.A. 4 years ago and has worked on Stage ,TV and Film there working with incredible casts and directors most notably Kurt Sutter and Paris Barclay on ‘Sons Of Anarchy’.