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Ciara McKeown


Height: 5.3''

Hair: Brown

Eyes:  Green

Playing age: 37-47

Singing Voice: Jazzy


Selected Theatre Experience: Drugs, Slick Dame, In Flame, One Good Unless Man

Selected Film Experience: Johnny Dangerous, Baby Blue

Selected TV Experience: Rehab, Fair City, Fat Pizza

Selected Advertisement Experience: Irish Ferries, Vodafone


Accents: Irish - (native Belfast), various regional, English - regional, American, Australian, Eastern European and Scottish (a good ear for most accents)

Qualifications and Training

  • Diploma in Theatre Studies, Trinity College Dublin (1988-90)



Excellent Singer & Songwriter, Dancer (studying choreography), Stand up Comedian, Yoga, Meditation, Gym, Massage Therapist, studying Art Therapy and Full Drivers Licence


Ciara has recently returned to Ireland after living for many years in Sydney. During that time she lived an exciting life doing things most of us just dream about.  however during this time, she managed to keep her hand in acting appearing over the years on stage. Now back in Dublin, she wants to pick up where she left her acting career which was just about to take off working with talented people like Gerry Stembridge in the Peacock and a variety of directors in UK Birmingham’s Rep. Theatre and Lyric Theatre Belfast.