Brexit-ing a Relationship

Dermot Ward


Height: 6 ft

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue

Playing age: 30-40


Selected Theatre Experience: Altered State, The Pot of Broth, East of the Sun West of the Moon, The Nubile Wench

Selected TV Experience: Game of Thrones (S.6), T.M.I, Children of the Revolution, Two Tube, The Rumour Room, We Watch You Watch, Pure Mule

Selected Film Experience: The Green SeaChief O'Neill (Short), Goodbye Darling, The Angelus, Shooting the Director, The Blow-Ins, Lassie

Selected Advertising Experience:  ESB - CowboyLive-lineVolkswagen (Glasses Man), Best, Eason (Cut Out The Hassle), Referendum Commission


Accents: Regional Irish, New York, Southern American, Northern English, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Cockney, RP, Eastern European and Australian


Qualifications and Training

  • 2005 Performance Year in Acting

  • 2004 Foundation Year in Acting

  • 2003 National Diploma in Performing Arts

Skills: Comedy, Writing, Improv, Karate, Soccer and Guitar



Dermot was born in Athlone. He took an interest in acting when, as a child, it dawned on him that it was the only viable avenue available to achieve his goal of becoming either a Ghostbuster, Indiana Jones, or Spider-Man.

Having grown up a bit, he’s explored a variety of roles in theatre, film, television, and radio.