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Gerry Cannon


Height: 5’9”

Hair: Grey

Eyes: Hazel

Playing age: 47-60

Singing Voice: Baritone/Bass


Selected Theatre Experience:  Earnest,The Last Supper

Selected Film Experience: Stuck Home Syndrome, Cubicle,      Kori Reads..

Selected TV Experience: The Bailout,

Beyond Redemption

Selected Advertising Experience:  Lloyds Pharmacy,Club Orange - (on line only)

Accents:  Dublin, RP, Kerry, Donegal Belfast, Cork, GalwayEnglish Standard, Heightened RP, Birmingham, Cockney, Cornwall Liverpool, Cornwall Cockney, American-East Coast, Southern States, Australian - a good ear for for most accents


Qualifications and Training

  • 2017 LA Actors Comedy Studio Filmbase

  • 2017     Masterclass with Gerry GrennellBow St 

  • 2017 Close Up - Filmbase
  • 2017 Actors Comedy Studio LA at Filmbase, Dublin
  • 2017 Close Up Actors Development Scheme Filmbase, Dublin
  • 2017 Advanced Acting for Camera, Dublin Central School of Acting
  • 2017 Gerry Grennell Masterclass, Bow St, Dublin
  • 2016 Self Tape Masterclass with Nancy Bishop at Filmbase, Dublin
  • 2016 Screen Acting with Terry Mc Mahon, The Lab, Foley St, Dublin
  • 2016 Directors/Actors Intensive Lab with Jason Butler, Filmbase, Dublin
  • 2016 Voiceover Demo recorded with Tommy Ellis at Velvet Voice Studio
  • 2016 Audition Workshop with Colin Thornton, Dublin
  • 2016 Screen Acting Masterclass with Stephen Bridgewater, Bow St, Dublin
  • 2016 Acting for Screen with Shimmy Marcus, Bow St, Belfast
  • 2015 Self Taping Course with Maureen Hughes, Bow St, Dublin
  • 1982-85 College of Music Dublin / London Guildhall
  • 1979-81 Brendan Smith Theatre Academy, Dublin


Sailing Instructor, Football and General Handyman


Gerry is an actor who has trained formally in voice production, mime and movement. For the past 25 years, he has pursued a career outside of the theatre, including running his own successful business. He is now returning to pursue his career of choice at the correct age for many of the parts that he previously played.  He was a founder member of The Torn Curtain Theatre Company and The Contemporary and Elizabethan Theatre Company.