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Grainne Boyle


Height: 5’6”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey

Playing age:  25 - 35

Singing voice: Mezzo Soprano


Selected Theatre Experience: Roots, Blithe Spirit, The Importance of Being Earnest

Selected Film Experience: The Lollipop Man, Bonsoir Luna

Selected TV Experience: Striking Out Sc 1 & 2, Dig In Diner

Selected Advertisement Experience: 123.ie


Accents: Irish -South and North Dublin, rural, English - RP, London, Welsh American - (gen) New York, South American and Australian


Qualifications and Training



Horse Riding, Sea Swimming, Comedy Improv and Aerial Silks -(training with Aerial Cirque)



Grainne Boyle was born and raised in Dublin. She has been told by many a confused taxi man or old lady that she sounds American,    a twang Grainne explains away as “too much tv as a child”.       From a young age when she wasn’t watching television she enjoyed making people laugh. Adolescence struck, but she emerged from those shy teenage years with her desire to act and be funny intact. This brought her to Wales. She lived here for two years and in the end collected her BA in Theatre and Performance. On her return to Dublin, she joined the improv troupe Laughter Lines Dublin, with whom she still performs with today. This weekly opportunity to play has developed Grainne as an actor and connected her with her instincts.