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Jed Murray


Height: 6’2’’

Eyes: Green

Playing age: 35 - 45


Selected Theatre Experience:  Close To The Sun, Sure ThingTerminus, Angel Meadow (Winner Best Production, Best Ensemble Manchester Theatre Awards 2014), Terminus, The Boys Of Foley St

Selected Film Experience: Extraordinary, Kevin’s Interview, Propeller, Inner Child, The Legend of Harry And Ambrose, The Light of Day, The Inquiry

Selected TV Experience: Mini Mogules, Quantico S.3, Game of Thrones S.6, Vikings, Ireland Centenary 1916, Costigan - Storyland 2016, Love Hate, The Centre, Stailc 1913, The Republic of Telly    


Accents:  Dublin, Northern Irish, Eastern European American and Southern English - good ear for most accents


Qualifications and Training

  • 2004 - Gaiety School of Acting Introduction to Stage Acting

  • 2004 - The Actor’s Workshop: Movement -Patrick Nolan, Contemporary Dance - Mariam Ribon, Dance House Contact Improv - Cindy Cummins, Devising through Movement - Frantic Assembly

  • 2004 - On-Going - Irish Institute Vinny Murphy - Stunt, Battle Reenactment Group, Axe, Shield, Spear & Sword Fighting


Skills: Kayaking, Cycling, Reading and Cooking



Jed began his acting career as an actor by quite a roundabout route, having worked in a variety of jobs and travelling extensively. He is very fortunate to have found something that he loves doing and also have aptitude for. He has worked with some talented people from whom he has learned a lot. He is a strong physical performer with great energy, comedy and people skills and a strong work ethic.