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Neill Fleming


Height: 5’11’’

Eyes: Blue

Playing age: 36 - 46

Singing Voice: Baritone Alto, Belter 

Selected Theatre Experience:  Beauty and The Beast, MacBeth, Romeo and Juliet, Mme. Markievicz on Trial,
Made in China

Selected Film Experience: Damo and Ivor: The Movie, Des and Peggy, Monged, Testimony, Three Sisters

Selected TV Experience: Vikings, Into The Badlands, Costigan, Fair City, A Terrible Beauty, Game of Thrones

Selected Advertising Experience:

Guinness (for U.S mkt only), Eír - Xmas Ad, Today FM


Accents:  American - New England, American - New York, Australian, Canadian, Donegal, Dublin, Edinburgh, English-Standard, Heightened RP, Irish-Northern, New Zealand, Northern, RP, Sheffield

Qualifications and Training

  • 2012 Ouroboros Theatre Co. Shakespeare workshop with Denis Conway

  • 2012 An Actor Prepares-Shakespeare Scenes with Donnocadh O’Brian –The Gate Lab, Dublin

  • 2011 An Actor Prepares-Shakespeare Solus with Donnocadh O’Brian –The Gate Lab, Dublin


Stage Combat - hand to hand and broadsword, Archery, Strong Swimmer, Comedy, Movement, Horse-riding (basic), Sketching, Gym,Yoga, and Cycling



Neill Fleming is a uniquely talented and versatile performer. A natural actor and comedian, he can give life to a character in unexpected ways, always seeking for the truth of the text and portrayal. With a chameleon like ability to mimic accents, change his body language and get deep into the thought processes of a given part, he was born for the stage and screen. He has dedicated much of his life to the art of performance, starting out as a child in musicals and talent shows, in Ireland and the US. He also possesses an uncanny, near photographic memory for text which allows him to learn lines at an accelerated rate.