To Celebrate our 5th Birthday...

It has been great to take an idea and work on it for five years and still feel the passion you had on the day you started. I suppose that is why so many of my good friends are in the acting business - as they to relate to the highs and lows this business throws at you.

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Each year I tell you all I love my job and this year is no different.  I’d like to take the opportunity today to thank all the actors for the friendship and kindness you have shown me, for the professional way you treat the agency, and for the reputation you are building with me showing - that Castannettenow is an agency always open for business and always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.    

In April, we celebrate the last five years with a party, and look forward together to what the next five brings. Once that includes our health and happiness we are already halfway up the hill of success! 

Annette is a favourite with TBWA Dublin when casting for TV commercials. She has a great roster of experienced actors and an ability to place the right actor in front of us, in response to a brief.
Working with Castannettenow is a joy because they are friendly, efficient, adaptable & proactive. 
xx Onagh
— Onagh Carolan, Head of Broadcast TBWA/The Disruption Company

I first dealt with Annette in mid 2017 for a theatre production that I was producing. What makes Annette stand out for me isn’t just her industry knowledge or the calibre of the talent that she has on her books but the way in which she conducts her business and herself. Her professionalism aside, she is a wonderful person to work with and deal with and sincerely has her clients best interest‘s at heart. The talent that came to our audition from this agency was second to none and the Castannettenow actors we booked were of the highest caliber. I will undoubtedly continue to work with Castannettenow and highly recommend this agency as part of any production large or small
— Kamal Ibrahim, Owner and Executive Producer, Reel Screen Films

Thank you to all the Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and Companies we have worked with over the last five years. It's been a pleasure.  Special thanks to those who have written to say nice things about us.  We hope to be part of bigger and better projects with you all during the next 12 months. 

Finally to my family, thank you all for all the encouragement and support you have each given me over the last five years, I couldn’t have done it without you! x

Best, as always…



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Vikings: Mishaël Lopes Cardozo and Karen Connell talk to us about Vikings Series 6

Mishaël Lopes Cardozo and Karen Connell were both lucky enough to have been cast in the next series of Vikings. Both have significant roles, so I asked them to share their experiences with us...

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Karen Connell

Q: Why did you want to be involved in this production?

K: It’s an amazing show to be a part of – it has an international audience, huge ratings, dedicated fans and is filmed right here in Ireland. It was a dream come true to bag a role on it!

Q: What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?


K: Finding the truth in a character.  The Vikings had such strong pagan beliefs, their Gods were everything to them.  I guess overcoming the fear of being unable to create on such a big set what I did in a small kitchen for the audition tape!

Q: If you could play any other character in Vikings, who would it be?

K: Lagertha. The ultimate warrior.

Q: What do you love about this character?

K: She is a paradox, and her dual nature lit me up from when I first read the sides. 

Q: If you had a magic wand, what show would you do next?

K: The one I’m currently heavily penciled for!! If I could though, I’d take the Catherine Tate show back and make her write in a part for me. I’m obsessed with the woman at the minute – she’s a genius.


Mishaël Lopes Cardozo:

Q: How did you feel when you heard about your new role in Vikings?

M: Delighted! I love the Viking period. Both from a cultural perspective and a Martial Arts perspective. It is, for me personally, an interesting era.

Q: Do you know yet when your character will be seen for the first time? 

M: My character first makes an appearance in episode 1 as far as I know in season 6.

Q: If you could play any other character in Vikings, who would it be?

M: I am happy with the role I have - which I cannot tell you about yet. I like the variety in this character.  Playing Bjorn would also be cool. But I’m already too old for that part. 

Q: When you have a five-minute break during rehearsal/shoot, what do you spend that time doing?

M: Sword drills with my prop sword and then pop back to ‘now’ and play with my phone like any other idiot.

Q: After Vikings, what do you plan to do next?

M: Get my own movie - SHORTEDGE - on the silver screen! It’s a contemporary action movie with a unique script and a lot of historical swordsmanship 😊


Interview with Garrett Philips - Frank Sinatra, The Rat Pack Tour of Las Vegas

On Saturday 3rd February, I travelled to London to see Garrett in 'The Rat Pack Tour of Las Vegas' which was the penultimate show of a eight week sell out at The Theatre Royal Haymarket in the West End.  It was a wonderful experience to watch the audience (from the Royal box, no less!) give the cast a standing ovation at the end of the show. Garrett and I had a chance to grab some lunch before the show allowing us an opportunity to chat, especially about the experience from Garrett's perspective. Read on...

Q: What’s it like being part of a successful show on tour like this? 

G: It’s everything you aspire to as a performer. Working with people who are at the top of their game, musicians, cast, and crew. It’s truly humbling. 

Q: What’s your biggest challenge about taking on this role? 

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A: The biggest challenge unquestionably is being away from my family and my small children (7&9). Thank God for FaceTime! The gruelling schedule also makes it tough to fly home. It makes you appreciate how difficult it must have been for Irish immigrants in days gone by. 

Q: What’s going to surprise people about this show?

A: The talent hopefully - it's an Olivier nominated show and is full of great performers. We have a wonderful Ella Fitzgerald. People may also be surprised by the script. It holds up a mirror to the social fibre of that era in American history, exposing its sexism, racism, and perhaps homophobia. 

Q: What’s been your best memory of performing on a West End stage?

A: Gosh. Too many to mention! I pinch myself everyday before I walk onto it. I feel humbled and grateful to be there.

Q: What’s the last thing you do before you step out on stage?

A: I ask the man above to help me do my best. I also imagine my two kids standing beside me giggling saying ‘Go on Dad!’, then I walk on with a smile.

Q: Are you looking forward to Irish audiences in Dublin and Belfast?

A: Immensely! UK audiences are just getting their heads around the fact that I’m not American. Looking forward to seeing friends and family in Ireland. Also, I can’t wait for the Castannettenow night at The Gaiety! 

Q: With the wonderful experience you have had to date with this show, what gem of advice have you got for your fellow actors in Castannettenow?

A: Funny, I was chatting with my Musical Director in the wings before we went on last night. He’s played with them all, Shirley Bassey, Sammy Davis, etc. He said "There will be tiny mistakes in any show, but if you are prepared and know your stuff backwards, there simply isn’t any need for nerves." 

As the Tour begins, check out the most recent  reviews of the Rat Pack tour of Las Vegas here:

The Arts Shelf

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The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas

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It is with great delight  I announce today that, after many months of auditions back and forth to London, Garrett Phillips has been booked as Frank Sinatra in ‘The Rat Pack Live From Las Vegas’. The show will be in the WestEnd from Wednesday 13th December - Saturday 3rd February. Garrett is in rehearsals in London for the last two weeks and is looking forward to singing his heart out as Frank Sinatra in The Theatre Royal Haymarket, followed by a U.K tour to all the major UK venues over six months. The show comes to Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre (3rd -7th April), Garrett then goes on to the Waterfront Belfast (12-14th April) before the tour resumes in England again. We wish Garrett every success and look forward to seeing him in Dublin in the Spring!👌⭐🎼

Celebrating more than 15 years of standing ovations, The Rat Pack - Live from Las Vegas is back. Hits including pack favourites The Lady is a Tramp, Mr Bojangles, That’s Amore, I’ve Got You Under My Skin, What Kind of fool Am I, Volare, My Way, Candyman, Everybody Loves Somebody and many more. Produced by Flyingmusic the company behind Thriller, The Kite Runner and The Whitney Heuston Show,…/Garrett-Phillips-Nigel-Case…


Philip Coffey on 'Into the Badlands'.

Into the Badlands is an American television series.  The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world approximately 500 years after a war that left civilisation in ruins.  The Badlands, somewhere in the former United States, is a feudal society which has developed to fill the power vacuum left by the war. Barons control land and monopolies over commodities like opium and fuel, trading amongst themselves to maintain the peace. Each baron is served by a massive workforce of slaves called "Cogs", as well as a prostitute class called "Dolls". A Baron maintains power through a force of "Clippers", highly trained and loyal warriors at the apex of the feudal society. Clippers are forbidden from marrying and having children lest their loyalties be divided.

Brendan Sheehan has played a role in 2016 and this week, Philip Coffey got a chance star in this futuristic world. I asked Phillip about his experience..

Q: Tell me about your first day on the 'Into the Badlands' set

A: I was collected at my hotel and whisked right through to the set where I was immediately shown to my trailer. It was very nicely laid out, my costume and call sheet in front of a well lit mirror.  They made to feel like a part of the family right away. Then it was on to hair and make up before been driven onto set with my co-star shortly after.

Q: How did it differ from other sets?

A: It was the size of the production. Everything was very professional but the sheer scale of the set up: trailers, sets, crew (50+), dressing rooms etc. were beyond anything I'd experienced previously.

Q: What training did you receive beforehand?

Philip Coffey  copy.jpg

A: I spent a day in Bray for wardrobe, hair and make up tests, but the highlight was being shown how to drive the truck my character would be using in the show - a huge 1972 Army truck! Anthony, an excellent stunt driver, was my guide, and we had a lot of fun in that truck! It helped me massively when it came to the shoot.

Q: Meet any famous actors?

A:  I was lucky enough to share a scene exclusively with a main character in the show, played by Sherman Augustus. He has been in a variety of US films and he was a fantastic guy and very welcoming, I was delighted to have just him and me working a scene! -Very cool.

Q: Your Director was Toa Fraser -  what was he like?

A: Toa Fraser was amazing - his CV is is impressive, directing no lesser than Peter O' Toole and Sam Neill in the past, so again, I felt really privileged to be working with him.  He was very calm and cool and got exactly what he wanted with not too much fuss!

Q: Best memory?

A: All of it. From start to finish a truly wonderful experience. Hope to go back soon!