March Delights...

I’m Delighted to announce the lead for the film 'The Boring Diary of Frances Noone’ (funding by Galway Film Centre & RTE (Short Film Award) written by Jacinta Owens, Director - Cara Holmes, Producer, Edwina Forkin - Zanzibar Films was found here in Castannettenow. Poppy Caraher will play the part of Frances and join the other Castannettenow actors already booked, Joanne Brennan, Jill Sartini and John Colleary in this brilliantly written short film, filming is booked for the end of March.. Well done Poppy!

Shane Casey was busy this week recording the narrative for the feature film Cattle Raid - (Director - Liza Bolton Room 12 Productions) and he was also busy on a Carlsberg shoot with Kojii Heinwein and Brendan Sheehan.  Speaking of Brendan, he is busy too, as he and Aron Hegarty are booked for a Sting for UTV Ireland which will be seen between The Graham Norton Show and the Jonathan Ross Show.

Finally Well done to Jason Daly appearing on stage in "Beneath the Irish Sky" in Donegal and Ciara Smyth cast in a show with the Lír which will culminate in a performance for Wayne Jordan in two weeks time.