We Must Be Doing Something Right

Hi guys, just want to share a message I received:


I've just finished shooting a short film with a two extremely talented Castannettenow actors, Peter Molloy and Jill Sartini and was delighted with their professional attitude, their creative flair and amazing personalities. 

They made a massive contribution to the production and have helped enormously to bring life to a story that I held close to my heart. 

Their passion for the project was clear from the start and grew with each moment of it's inception.

Many thanks to them and to you, Annette, for guidance throughout the casting process.

Congrats to you and your team for the hard work. I will certainly endeavour to use your unique services again and again.




John Corcoran - Writer/Director 'The Return' (Short Film)



Producer / Director

W: johncorcoran.prosite.com