and this week...

And this week…

Well done to Joan Fleetwood who shot a TV commercial for its4 in Belfast yesterday & to Ewan Mullins (young son of Amy Potter) who is shooting in a corporate video tomorrow.

Congrats to Amanda Stuart Heaney who has been nominated for an AIMS award for Best Comedienne for her part as the Wicked Witch in Wizard of Oz! (you saw Amanda recently on the Facebook page as the nun in the new Lidl ad.)

Break a leg and to Michael Mullen who is in Tipperary shooting the role of Conor in ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’ a feature teaser & to Brendan Sheehan appearing in Smock Alley in ‘Eight Women’ which, I am looking forward to seeing tonight.

Lots of hard work went into the homework before some really tough auditions this week, so thank you to everyone for that, and lets hope it all pays off, and thanks also for self tapes from the 11 year old girls that went to London again this week.

We have a short week next week so everyone auditioning on Tuesday and Wednesday - please don't get your days mixed up!

Have a great Bank holiday weekend everyone.. (we deserve it!)