Dawson Drama Works

I attended John Dawson's TV/film masterclass last weekend 24-25th August and I was blown away by the amount I learned in two days, I now have a much better understanding of the difference between theatre and film/TV acting, also I now have a fear free relationship with the camera. I worked with such a wonderful group of people and watched in amazement at the growth and changes in their performances over the two days.

John Dawson is such a great teacher. He shared so much of his own experiences and was so supportive and encouraging, I felt very safe in the group and was a bit like a sponge, I soaked up so much information. I also had so much fun and laughed a lot.  I would urge anyone who gets the opportunity, to take his masterclass. I have my name down already for his next class on Audition techniques. 


Breid Morris