A Nice Bed to Die In

A Nice Bed to Die In is a great play that is running from 5th-17th August, in the New Theatre 44 East Essex St Temple Bar.

It is a very funny, entertaining and engaging play starring six members of CASTANNETTENOW, directed by Steven Masterson (Actor/Director) who is also a member of CASTANNETTENOW. That's 7 reasons to support this play.

We are organising a CASTANNETTENOW social night out to the New Theatre on Saturday night 17th August to see A Nice Bed To Die In. We would love to see you there. You can book tickets directly from the theatre box office and if you give the code 'SEVEN’ you will get a discounted price of €12 instead of €15. 

You can phone: 670 3361, visit www.thenewtheatre.com or email info@thenewtheatre.com. We’ll have a get together and a drink after the play in a venue to be decided. We hope you come along!