Dawson Drama Works

Dawson Drama Works comes highly recommended from clients in CASTANNETTENOW

Having met so many of you for coffee over the last few months, I noticed one name kept popping up. When I asked about what courses, if any, people had taken in regard to drama, Dawson Drama Works and John Dawson was what I kept hearing. It became apparent that John was held in very high regard by all that had taken a course with him, so I decided that I’d like to meet John myself. John kindly agreed to take time out of his busy schedule and he joined me for coffee in the Westbury Hotel a few weeks ago. I understood very quickly why he is revered. In the short time we were chatting, I could see and feel just how passionate he is about acting and what pleasure he gets from teaching. John runs courses throughout the year, if you are considering taking a course this year check out www.dawsondramaworks.com and give John a call.