So begins 2016...

A busy week on our first full week in 2016 with lots of auditions and lots of self tapes happening this week.

Congrats this week to Lucy Parker Byrne - who was shooting a new character today in Fair City for RTE.

Congrats to Nigel Mercier who has been cast in a role in 'Mothers Milk and Cookies' which will be shot in Belfast at the end of the month with Bosco Productions, Director: Conan McIvor. The script as it stands has already been nominated for Best Short Screenplay at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival: Well done also to Pat McArdle who a week before Christmas shot a pilot film titled' ZJ' with Production Co. Room 12 in Galway.

Congrats also to Meg Healy who was cast in 'Trainspotting' coming to Smock Alley 8th -13th February and belated congratulations goes to Siomha Barron who appeared in N.C.H with Festival Productions over the Christmas period in 'Oliver'.

As mentioned sometime back Des Daly and Peter O' Toole starred in ‘Fractional’ which is doing the festival circuit and the film has been now been nominated in three categories in a New York City Film Festival, Best Foreign Film, Best Sound AND Best Actor for Peter... Congrats Peter!!

and finally ...suggestion to all Castannettenow actors, make it your New Year's Resolution to check your audio folder of accents is up to date - it could cost you the role if you don't, and it saves a lot of time for us both if you do!

Have a good weekend everyone…