Short but busy week...

Well done to Florence Ordesh who has had heaps of praise pour on her from the management team in London looking after shooting a music video with 'Walking on Cars'. Florence flow to London on Tuesday, and returned yesterday. This is the 2nd time the band have requested Florence for their video shoot!

Break a leg tonight to Rachel Roche, Rosemary Keogh and Shane Casey who are on a late night Dublin shoot tonight shooting for another music video for 'Little Hours' with Stoneface Films

Congrats to Brendan Sheehan who has been cast in 8 Women opening@ Smock Alley Wed 27th Sat 30th May.

Also this week, Alecoe Haughty (age 11) and Hana Keely (age 11) were invited to London to audition for a Warner Bros major Feature film - Alecoe is in the room as I type!

Lots of work going on to updating of the website which is going to look really great very soon!

Have a nice weekend everyone...