Short Film

Peter Molloy


Height: 5’11”

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue

Playing age: 17-22 


Selected Theatre Experience: Hamlet, Back to the 80’s, Paradise City

Selected Film Experience: Together in Dreams, Into the Silent Water, Transformers, Belong to the Sand up!


Accents: Los Angeles, New York, Texas, Irish (Dublin & Country), Northern Irish, English, Australian, French, Spanish and South African



Music (drums, piano, guitar), Writing (novels, poems, short stories, screenplays), Running and Cycling



Peter is an emerging screen and stage actor. He has had experience with improvisation, much of which has been included in his plays. Peter is an admirer of naturalistic screen acting and is fond of delivering his dialogue in a very conversational and relatable manner. He has a passion for all productions he partakes in, but he is not solely concentrated on the acting. Peter is very much concerned with the overall finished product and has had experience in writing and producing two out of his three short films. He firmly believes that cohesion of cast and crew is pivotal for the success of any project. Therefore, he feels compelled to learn as much as he can regarding the art, but also the science of the production.