Rua Barron


Height: 5'6’’

Hair: Strawberry Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Date of Birth: 08/09/96

Playing Age: 17-19

Singing voice: Soprano


Film, TV & Theatre Experience


Accents: Irish, English and American



Flute (Grades 1-5 Distinction), Ukulele, Piano and Dancing



Rua Barron recently starred as 'Rizzo' in the 2013 Beaufort School production of Grease. She has been attending drama, singing and dance schools since the age of 3. Rua has an excellent and strong soprano voice which has been trained by teachers Sharon Sexton, Paul Heffernan and currently Evelyn Sullivan.  She is passionate about acting and musical theatre. She has had TV and cinema acting experience. Rua is always trying to better her acting skills by attending specialist workshops. She has a strong work ethic and is keen to apply that in furthering her acting career, she appears in Annie N.C.H. Christmas 2013.