Siomha Barron


Height: 5'.1''

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Green

Date of Birth: 01/02/03


Theatre Experience: Oliver, National Children's Choir, Annie

TV Experience: Gurbz Up  (Presenter),  Hubble - both with RTE

Film Experience: Titan Project (short)


Accents: Irish, English and American, Welsh and Scottish

Languages: French



Singing, Drama, Gymnastics, Kallisto Display Olympian Gymnastics, Dancing, Piano, GAA football, Hockey and Ballet



Siomha was this year cast in her first short film she has played the role of Matilda in her theatre school production in the Civic theatre and appears once again in the chorus with Festival Production in N.C.HShe has attained grade 3 in piano and has successful achieved many badge levels in gymnastics. She attained currently has achieved grade 4 in her singing and Musical theory exams and she has also scholarship for a junior workshop with Festival Productions.