Voice Over Artists


Breid Morris

Joanne Brennan

Breid is an experienced voice over artist. She has worked on various corporate assignments and also ADR work.

Joanne Brennan is from Monaghan with far-reaching vocal dexterity.  She has voice over experience. 

Norette Leahy

Florence Ordesh

Norette Leahy jpg.jpg

Norette has a clear, lyrical voice with a very good range. She has a lot of experience in voiceover work for TV and Radio, from commercials and radio drama (both in English and Irish) to documentary narration and characters for animation.

Florence has a young cheerful voice warm in tone with perfect pronunciation she’d be happy to discuss the delivery of your project commercial or corporate.

Morgan Crowley

Brendan Sheehan

Morgan has a vast range of v/o experience from corporate to commercial. He has hosted live events as M/C in London, Broadway and Hollywood.  His voice is clear and precise. He also works as a dialect coach and speaks many languages.

Brendan Sheehan has a deep clear voice which delivers your message with confidence or with a fun element added - whatever you need Brendan, can help you deliver!

Eoin Duffy

Amy Potter


Eoin Duffy has a clear articulate voice. Be it a serious message or a fun filled one Eoin can deliver. A sample of Eoin's work is here of you now to listen to now, but we have more samples of what Eoin can do why not give us a call and check Eoin out.

Amy’s natural British accent is best described as soft RP. She has a lot of experience in voice overs having been selected for a major brand as part of an international ad campaign. Amy has her own home recording studio.

Yvonne Lynch

Lisa Tyrrell

Yvonne is British, she has a range of accents from mid-lands to London and are best described by her clients in the UK, N. America, Europe, and Russia as warm, bright, bubbly, quirky and whimsical. 

Lisa has a warm clear voice. She also has an excellent range of accents.

Rebecca Walsh

Gerry Cannon

Rebecca has a very soft voice with a Canadian tilt which lends itself to commercial voice over for ads. She performs a range of animation and gaming voices and has strong experience in this area. 

Gerry’s voice has rich, neutral warm tones and works well  across a wide range of genres.

Jed Murray

Dan Siron

Dan has been a voiceover artist and radio presenter for over a decade, working with a variety of clients. With a soft Yorkshire accent, Dan provides a warm, friendly and trustworthy voice. Dan takes direction very well, meaning that he can adapt to whatever you need. Fun to work with, Dan has a high spec studio, but can also travel to your studio if required.

Jed Murray.jpg

Jed has worked extensively on Stage and in Film for many years, he has a warm Intelligent and deep Dublin voice, just click the button to hear a sample!

Jenny Dixon

Jeanne O'Connor


Jenny has a warm, friendly and youthful voice suitable to deliver you message to a wide audience. Her commercial voice reel is here for you to sample


Jeanne has a soft Kerry accent that is soothing  and rich and delivers well for commercial or continuity announcements

Michael Mullen

Ian Brooker

Ian Brooker Voice Over.jpg

Michael is a true Dub, he delivers his message loud and clear, if you are looking for a local voice in Dublin to deliver your message, you search may have ended here

Ian’s voice is a warm, rounded baritone. He is also a very versatile character actor with extensive experience of radio drama and narration for the BBC and various independent productions. He played a host of alien voices in productions of the BBC’s Doctor Who